Monday, 25 January 2016

HAUL: Fashion Fast Forward (F3) Warehouse Sale DAY 2

Check out my Day 1 finds here

So I went back with two friends for Day 2 of the five-day event. Apparently the organisers will restock and even have new items each day; which I found, as luck would have it, to be true!

So here's what I got: 

Topshop Petite Velvet Lace Kimono in Midnight Blue. Retails MYR303; Final sale MYR81.90


This piece was found in the most unsuspecting of places! It was hidden deep in a rack of dark patterned-jeans; and perhaps deliberately so by another shopper? We had a good laugh trying to guess the motive behind such a stash. This was a rather daring purchase as it's now my first ever velvet garment, and in a colour other than black. Needless to say, the colour is an absolutely gorgeous shade of midnight blue, shifting between black and blue tones in the light. The velvet is soft and the lace isn't of the tacky kind either which makes this very wearable. 

Topshop Amber Vest in Black. Retails MYR39; Final sale MYR17.10


"You can't have too many black tank tops", is what I told myself when I found this solitary piece amongst everything else garishly over-patterned, and/or drowned in the odd bright colour. I've realised that neutral tones like black, grey, tan are SO rare at warehouse sale events; so best snap them up if you find something that's you. 

Warehouse Rib Neck Tee in Khaki/ Olive Green. Retails MYR96; Final sale MYR34.65

I don't know why I got this. It's essentially a muscle-tee in olive green. Guess it's neutral enough to pull off when paired with everything else I own in black. Good save, Vanessa.

Total retail value: MYR438
I paid: MYR133.65 

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

HAUL: Fashion Fast Forward (F3) Warehouse Finds!

Before we get to the good stuff, here's a little something about the event. Fashion Fast Forward (F3) Malaysia manages UK brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, and Warehouse. They're having a warehouse sale (excuse the pun) at Atria mall from 22–25 Jan 2016, 11am–8pm (so you have the next few days to shop!). Today's event preview on the 21st was for F3 card members and Citibank cardholders; didn't bring my F3 card so the Citi card came in handy! 

Venue unblemished before the crowd poured in (courtesy of F3 Malaysia's FB)
The event photo from the organisers (above) gave me a rough idea that the venue was at least spacious enough to warrant the thought of even attempting a warehouse sale for these brands (as Malaysians can be quite crazy when bargain-hunting). I don't frequent such sale events much but caved because 1. Topshop; and 2. the venue is a 5 minute drive from where I study.

Getting in was hassle-free as I didn't bring my handbag with me (just wallet, phone and car keys). If you do have your bag with you, there will be a station at the entrance for the staff to place your bag in a secured plastic bag so as to prevent theft. So I made my way over to womenswear, ready to haul stuff but...

The. Place. Was. A. Mess. 

Be prepared to look though every single piece on the racks as pieces tend to unknowingly migrate between sections.
There were ladies beside me trying on the clothes and then tossing the ones they didn't want into this pile. Tsk. 

I kid you not, there were clothes on the floor, hangers poking out in every direction, women in the corner taking their tops off to try the clothes (despite the organisers disallowing it). Oh yes, you aren't allowed to try clothes on! Clothing somehow made their way into the accessories and shoe bins; the odd men's shirt would idly sit on a rack amongst dresses. 
I probably walked around the same few aisles at least a dozen times before deciding on my first pick:
TOPSHOP Funnel Neck Cocoon Sweater. Retails MYR173; Final sale MYR46.80.  

The colour's a lovely burgundy and it fits as a relaxed, oversized shape. I've been into turtlenecks lately and can picture this pairing well with jeans and a coat during winter. I can see it going well with the plummy shade of a lipstick I've managed to track down—Revlon's Raisin Rage!  

I wanted the haul to be complete so I looked around for bottoms. Topshop had jeans but most were of the same few kinds (and none from the Petite line!): Joni flares, Leigh ankle grazers, Moms (distressed dark greys & plain blues). I got the Mom jeans in the distressed dark grey. I know the notoriety of mum jeans but these seemed to have a slimmer cut and a boyfriend silhouette so I figured why not. 

TOPSHOP MOTO Washed Black Ripped Mom Jeans. Retails MYR243. Final sale MYR65.70. 


The other major, major find was a black duster jacket from Miss Selfridge, cut similarly in shape to a blazer. It works as a blazer but the thinner, unlined material makes it easier to pull off in tropical Malaysian weather. The forgiving sleeve width and lightweight material made it a no-brainer to get as a wardrobe staple.  

MISS SELFRIDGE Petites Duster Jacket. Retails MYR263. Final sale MYR71.10.

The following two are pieces I found by chance. They are one of a few left if not the last ones I reckon. Remember to check in-between every piece on the rack as that's how I found these two! 

TOPSHOP Black Crepe Strap Top. Retails MYR149. Final sale MYR53.55. 

TOPSHOP Grey Amber Vest. Retails MYR39. Final sale MYR13.95.

The vests/ camis are not difficult to spot for Topshop as there are lots in different colours (some a little too garish for my taste) but this grey one was the only neutral colour so I snapped it right up! 

That's it for my haul! And here's a final price breakdown: 

Total would retail for: MYR867
I paid: MYR251

Check out Day 2 haul here!

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Net-A-Porter sales: Finally found my silver heels!

Boy it's been a while! So the Net-A-Porter sales are still ongoing but everything's going fast as it's on final clearance (up to 80% off) so head on real quick to see if you fancy anything! I love the NAP sales as it makes designer labels more accessible to the average shopper. It also gives me a chance to have a piece from labels that are not selling locally; my latest buy being from Christopher Kane. 
Net-A-Porter's handy wish list feature
Sale-shopping designer labels can be tricky as impulse purchases are always bound to happen if you find yourself getting carried away with the logic that "how much I save" is more important than "how will I use this?"; no doubt both are contributing factors. To avoid that I'd first browse through all the sale items within my budget earlier on during the sale (when it's 30% off) and add those that interest me to NAP's wish list. As it progresses to final clearance, I'll check my wish list for any remaining items and whether the discount's reasonable (70–80% off). Then I'd try to pair that item with my existing wardrobe and see if it fits and if I'd get much use out of it. Only then comes the final decision whether or not to purchase and this can sometimes be stressful (!) when you're possibly competing for some heavily discounted pieces with many others who are browsing. 
So here's what I bought in the end: 
Metallic leather and mesh pumps by Christopher Kane
4.5-inch heel; Spring 2014 collection 
80% off

I wasn't going to give in to buying this and had just added the item to my wish list at the start as I was looking for a pair of silver heels for the longest time. There wasn't much of a discount on these and they actually sold out only to have my size come back in stock, miraculously at 80% off. So I did further research, compared prices, looked at cheaper alternatives but these grew on me as they were pretty unique in design but still highly wearable. 
I love how the heel is slightly chunky as I'm not too fond of wearing stiletto-heeled pumps, for obvious reasons. The play of leather and mesh also adds a contemporary element that is sheerness (something we have seen a lot of this spring season) to an otherwise standard design. Here are more photos with some from the runway show thrown in: 

The runway version seen at the Christopher Kane S/S '14 show. 
I was actually contemplating between these and the Roland Mouret ones shown in the wish list and had these silver heels not come back in stock, I would've went with the RM's or not bought anything as the more I thought about the RM's, the less workable with what I wear I found them.
silver heels

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Review: Smith's Menthol & Eucalyptus Balm by Rosebud Perfume Co.


Spotted this on and falling in love with the design of the tin, I had to have this; I'm a sucker for quaint package design, especially those of the retro sort (you should've seen my face when I first spotted SteamCream tins). Rosebud is an American company that makes salves and though hard to find, their balm tins are quite popular. I'll shamelessly admit that I chose this particular formulation mainly for its tin design but there are two other scents available on Zalora, all of them retailing for MYR36 (USD10.88)-- which is slightly overpriced as they retail for USD6–7 and sometimes even lower, depending on the store. 

The balm has a lovely texture and applies well on the skin. It is not as thick and sticky as Vaseline, and very little is needed when applying to the lips as it spreads well. The scent is sweet and has an almost creamy quality to it and is the least bit astringent despite the menthol and eucalyptus. 

Being down with a cold, it was most opportune that I test the balm's potency (having eucalyptus and whatnot); I dabbed a little on my nose and though not as strong as Vicks VapoRub, it smelt nice and was soothing (then having lost what sense of smell I had left, I decided it was foolish to waste good salve like this to relieve a cold). This would be soothing when applied to the temples as it cools slightly when massaged onto the skin. I guess it makes sense that it is not too strong as the balm is supposed to be multi-purpose, which includes working as a lip balm (you wouldn't want VapoRub-strength balm on your lips anyway). I think the eucalyptus bit threw me off there, leaving me to associate this gentle balm with the likes of VapoRub in relieving the symptoms of a cold. It never ceases to amaze me how our household's VapoRub jar seems to expertly conceal itself whenever someone has a cold...why do I keep mentioning VapoRub?!

On a side note, I think these little balm tins make adorable gifts and stocking-stuffers! 

You may check out Rosebud salves on here.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Edit: Favourite Spring/Summer 2014 RTW

Alberta Ferretti ss'14
Alberta Ferretti
I realise that this edit is a whole season late as we're now entering the Fall 2014/15 show season; apologies! I guess I'll keep commentary to a minimum here and allow the pictures to speak for themselves. 

Balenciaga ss'14
Balmain ss'14
Dior ss'14

Giambattista Valli ss'14
Giambattista Valli
Monique Lhuillier ss'14
Monique Lhuillier

Peter Pilotto ss'14
Peter Pilotto
Preen ss'14

Valentino ss'14

Especially loved the looks at Valentino for the use of lace, mesh, embroidery and the colour palette was one of my favourites for the Spring '14 season. The collection was not traditionally what one would expect seeing at Valentino but it had a different charm about it altogether, from the clothes to the footwear and head ornaments. 

All images courtesy of

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