Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bodily Accesories

NARS Rikugien
CAD30/USD25 each from NARS

Most will think of accesories as jewellery or ornate pieces that serve to add something special to an outfit. I take most delight in wearing rings, much less so necklaces and earrings. Lately I have been intrigued by how the colour on your nails and lips can play such a versatile role in adding something special to an otherwise plain look. While not giving up on my favourite rings, I have started exploring the various lip colours available out there and am steadily expanding my nail colour collection. At least changing your lip and nail colour seems more affordable than splurging on single pieces of jewellery (unless there's a Net-a-Porter sale!). Then again that depends on the quality and make of jewellery we're talking about here- if there's one thing that irks me it is cheap jewellery; the kind that tarnishes and gives off a foul metal alloy smell. Anyway...'s to our lips and nails being the perfect canvases to showcase the colours that say a little something about who we are or who we want to be. Everyone is born with unique features so no two red lips are ever the same. It really isn't that much of a challenge to accesorise when you don't need anything else but something that's already a part of you- just add colour to your lips and nails as accesories while keeping your regular look simple. You will be surprised by how much your lip colour can do in changing the way you look.

NARS loves New York
CAD85/USD75 per set from NARS

About me: I tend to love matte reds on my nails as I think of reds against my med-fair skin tone to be feminine, fashionable and sultry. Hey I may not embody the sexiness of a pin-up girl but I can cheat my way to feeling that good! Besides, what's not to love about a pop of colour: think a smorgasbord of black from head-to-toe and wham, red lips, red nails. Lips are not as easy to pull-off for me but I am getting there. I recently took notice of NARS satin lip pencils and purchased the shade Rikugien- a pink-rose colour that says your-natural-lips-but-better; all thanks to Café Makeup and Temptalia. It was my first purchase from NARS and it was made on their Canadian website. Alongside the lip pencil I caved and bought the "NARS  New York"set. 

Images courtesy of NARS.

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