Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Inspired by Gucci Spring 2013 RTW


I remember watching the Gucci SS2013 runway show on Youtube for the first time late last year- total wonderment. This collection was by far one of the more memorable ones for me as every piece was immaculately conceived; shape- and colour-wise. The right pink, cobalt, coral, citrus and turquoise; all set on feminine ruffled silk dresses and blouses. Just the combination of silk, colour and ruffle detailsblew me away. Also loved the necklaces that came in the above colours, made to match the outfits. If I had extra pocket money to spend (but I of course don't) I would buy the looks straight off the runway- the looks are so colour-cohesive it works!

Fast-forward nine months and here I am still thinking of Gucci SS2013. The memory of it was triggered when I came across a ruffled turquoise dress on Zalora.com.my by a local Malaysian clothing company "Pink Evil's Fashion Supermarket" (I know it's a mouthful) and I thought to myself "Hey, isn't that the same shade of turquoise and similarly ruffled design as the outfits from that Gucci collection?" and then it dawned on me how I could achieve the look I was so captivated by some months ago. The Gucci necklaces complimented the clothing's colour scheme so I looked to what I owned to see if I could make something work with the dress. The J Crew necklace above has mint-green stones which, when worn with the turquoise dress made so much sense. 

Having pulled off a Gucci-inspired look, I was keen to create the above Splurge vs. Steal collage on Polyvore to show that you really can create designer-inspired looks for less as long as careful attention is paid to the outstanding features of the look/ garment. Which in this instance is the turquoise colour, ruffle detail and colour of the accompanying accessory.

Prices of items sourced from Raffaello Network, Gucci, J Crew and Zalora.

Update: Oh my goodness you will not believe this. I searched for the turquoise dress' brand website  -after this post was written-  and it turns out that the dress design was after all meant to be inspired by the Gucci SS2013 collection. I feel like Sherlock. Here is the dress on the brand website: 

Look at the bottom left corner. Below is an enlarged snapshot of that:

Holy moly I feel like ten kinds of genius right now.

Images sourced from Style.com, Net-a-Porter.com, Zalora.com.my & Pinkevil.com

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