Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sale shopping: Asos.com look for under MYR100 (£21)

Asos sale finds

One of the main reasons why I like shopping on UK-based Asos.com is the free shipping. Apart from that it's the year-round sale (they'd always have stuff at 30-70% off) making it cheaper or at least equal to Malaysian retail (if you shop at Mango, F21, H&M, Zara), all depending on what you buy. Asos brand bags feel cheap in quality so I'd just stick to the clothing. From my experience with their chelsea boots, their shoes are well-made and will definitely last longer than anything you get from F21 or H&M. If you are thinking of paying full price (in pounds sterling) for their shoes, it may be better to look elsewhere or at least wait for the sale. Well-made leather shoes do not have to be expensive so I'd always keep an eye on discounted designer shoes during Net-a-Porter's sale as well.

Asos is having their sale right now so I was inspired to create a "look-for-less" collage featuring a complete outfit for under MYR100. I did not shop the look because I've shopped enough for now so this is merely an inspiration post. The dress is by Glamorous, knit-textured and not too form-fitting (unlike those unmerciful bodycon ones). Best of all, it's in black. I love black. Going at only MYR31 (GBP6.50) it's a steal (but probably sold out by now because internet shoppers are crazy- sorry!). Find it here.
The Zara heels I got back in 2012

To compliment the dress, I found a nice pair of studded, metallic-heeled sandals. This style of heeled sandals (ankle straps, open-toe front, minimal design) was made popular again by Zara back in 2012. Google "zara strappy heels" in images and you'll see what I mean. I have a pair of the Zaras in black, which is partly why every strappy sandal like this is reminiscent of them. H&M later released a pair and everyone else followed suit. At MYR64.50, the heels are not expensive especially when compared to the original Zara ones I bought for MYR199.90. Again I have Lookbook.nu and fashion bloggers to thank for exposing me to this style of heeled sandals. Find the heels here.
Images courtesy of Asos.com.

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