Saturday, 6 July 2013

Thoughts: Why the sale season is cause for joy, or not

We all love that word. There's just something enticing about a bargain, a deal. I can't help but feel proud of myself every time I snag something designer at 70% off. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be designer...a deal is a deal, right? 


If there's anything I've learnt from shopping online sales it's this: 
1) Know what you need to buy/ know your style; 
2) Stick to it;
3) Pick out investment-type items/ styles aka designer stuff you can pull off;
4) Pay extra caution to trend items on sale. The peplum trend is excusable. 

If you have a wish list and something on it is on sale then by all means shop away because you've had time to select the item and know you will get use out of it. But mindlessly adding items to your cart just because the discount's huge may cause more harm than good- especially if it's clothing, shoes and accessories that are going to end up an unused pile of sale junk. Do I really need a third pair of black pumps? How about that wool sweater going at only ten dollars- I'm sure I'll find some excuse to wear it during year-round tropical Malaysian weather. What about black tights? Everyone needs a stockpile of black tights, right? Right? 

Looking at all my online sale purchases (mostly from & from the past year or so, I can't help but humour myself with some of the things I got away with buying. Couple that with the things I got on my trips overseas, I now have a bargain bin of a wardrobe- which makes it a nightmare to find the few pieces of clothing I can and like to wear. To my credit, most of the items I got off Net-a-Porter are investment pieces that I occasionally use: quality jewelry, bags and most recently, a silk scarf. Which brings me to this: sales are great for staple wardrobe items & investment items, not one-off items that you think you could wear or common items you already have a lot of. I remember a pastel yellow pair of Levi's straight-leg jeans I bought 5 years ago and a mint green pair of Zara jeans I got to follow the mint-jean-trend fashion bloggers were sporting. I've not worn them once. 

Thankfully with time comes experience and my sale finds are less now but definitely more stylish and wearable than before. I will share my Net-a-Porter sale buys in the coming post so do hang around.

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