Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Style meets sport

Nike Free 5.0 Trainers

Seriously need these in my life right now. Nike Free 5.0 training shoes, US$100. Individual product images courtesy of Nike.

Nike Free
Loving the topmost pair. I'm still trying to find a pair of all-black Nike training shoes locally. I'm trying to resist ordering a pair in from the US, via a friend or freight forwarder.
There has been much focus on sportswear style for sometime now, with industry giants like Nike and Adidas constantly reinterpreting what it means to look fashionable while going about your workout. With increased fashion consumption, it isn't at all surprising that sportswear manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and choosing to acknowledge the fact that people do want to look good even at the gym (I guess if I looked cool enough in my gym attire, I'd probably feel superhuman-like hitting those sumo-squats, heh). Have you seen what the athletes in the recent Nike ads wear? Never knew sports bras, sweats and kicks could make that much sense. Or perhaps that's just me falling for the cool-badass vibes exuding from the ad; I can be a sucker for the upbeat music-meets-athletic-prowess combo sometimes. Anyway, check out following images from (apologies in advance for being a little pro-Nike here but their prices really are quite reasonable for such good-looking sportswear; as opposed to a line like Stella McCartney x Adidas, impressive designs nonetheless). 

Nike #1

Nike #2

Nike #3

Really loving the print on the above left leggings. Tried finding them at my neighbourhood mall Nike but I lucked out. 

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