Monday, 21 July 2014

Net-A-Porter sales: Finally found my silver heels!

Boy it's been a while! So the Net-A-Porter sales are still ongoing but everything's going fast as it's on final clearance (up to 80% off) so head on real quick to see if you fancy anything! I love the NAP sales as it makes designer labels more accessible to the average shopper. It also gives me a chance to have a piece from labels that are not selling locally; my latest buy being from Christopher Kane. 
Net-A-Porter's handy wish list feature
Sale-shopping designer labels can be tricky as impulse purchases are always bound to happen if you find yourself getting carried away with the logic that "how much I save" is more important than "how will I use this?"; no doubt both are contributing factors. To avoid that I'd first browse through all the sale items within my budget earlier on during the sale (when it's 30% off) and add those that interest me to NAP's wish list. As it progresses to final clearance, I'll check my wish list for any remaining items and whether the discount's reasonable (70–80% off). Then I'd try to pair that item with my existing wardrobe and see if it fits and if I'd get much use out of it. Only then comes the final decision whether or not to purchase and this can sometimes be stressful (!) when you're possibly competing for some heavily discounted pieces with many others who are browsing. 
So here's what I bought in the end: 
Metallic leather and mesh pumps by Christopher Kane
4.5-inch heel; Spring 2014 collection 
80% off

I wasn't going to give in to buying this and had just added the item to my wish list at the start as I was looking for a pair of silver heels for the longest time. There wasn't much of a discount on these and they actually sold out only to have my size come back in stock, miraculously at 80% off. So I did further research, compared prices, looked at cheaper alternatives but these grew on me as they were pretty unique in design but still highly wearable. 
I love how the heel is slightly chunky as I'm not too fond of wearing stiletto-heeled pumps, for obvious reasons. The play of leather and mesh also adds a contemporary element that is sheerness (something we have seen a lot of this spring season) to an otherwise standard design. Here are more photos with some from the runway show thrown in: 

The runway version seen at the Christopher Kane S/S '14 show. 
I was actually contemplating between these and the Roland Mouret ones shown in the wish list and had these silver heels not come back in stock, I would've went with the RM's or not bought anything as the more I thought about the RM's, the less workable with what I wear I found them.
silver heels

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