Monday, 25 January 2016

HAUL: Fashion Fast Forward (F3) Warehouse Sale DAY 2

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So I went back with two friends for Day 2 of the five-day event. Apparently the organisers will restock and even have new items each day; which I found, as luck would have it, to be true!

So here's what I got: 

Topshop Petite Velvet Lace Kimono in Midnight Blue. Retails MYR303; Final sale MYR81.90


This piece was found in the most unsuspecting of places! It was hidden deep in a rack of dark patterned-jeans; and perhaps deliberately so by another shopper? We had a good laugh trying to guess the motive behind such a stash. This was a rather daring purchase as it's now my first ever velvet garment, and in a colour other than black. Needless to say, the colour is an absolutely gorgeous shade of midnight blue, shifting between black and blue tones in the light. The velvet is soft and the lace isn't of the tacky kind either which makes this very wearable. 

Topshop Amber Vest in Black. Retails MYR39; Final sale MYR17.10


"You can't have too many black tank tops", is what I told myself when I found this solitary piece amongst everything else garishly over-patterned, and/or drowned in the odd bright colour. I've realised that neutral tones like black, grey, tan are SO rare at warehouse sale events; so best snap them up if you find something that's you. 

Warehouse Rib Neck Tee in Khaki/ Olive Green. Retails MYR96; Final sale MYR34.65

I don't know why I got this. It's essentially a muscle-tee in olive green. Guess it's neutral enough to pull off when paired with everything else I own in black. Good save, Vanessa.

Total retail value: MYR438
I paid: MYR133.65 

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